Swift MT 760 and MT 799

The MT 799 is a swift message used between banks to communicate in written form, and is usually referred to as “pre-advice”. For example, Bank “A” may send a MT 799 to Bank “B” stating: “We confirm “XXX” amount on deposit and are ready to block this amount via MT 760 in favor of account “XXX” at your bank. Please confirm readiness and receipt.” Typically, the MT 799 will be needed directly before the MT 760 is issued, and there may be small fees. Despite what most brokers may claim, the  swift MT 799 is NOT used as collateral, and can NOT be used to enter a private placement program. Now that we know about the MT 799, let’s take a look at it’s cousin, the Swift MT 760.

The MT 760 is a swift message used to block funds in favor of someone other than the owner, collateralizing the asset via this message, while allowing for loans and liens against it. For example, most private placements require the investor to send a MT 760 to the trader’s account, allowing the trader to use this swift as a collateral guarantee for their bank. Again, despite what many brokers may claim, this is NOT everything you need to know about the MT 760. Now that you do know the definitions and applications, let’s cover the key points no one ever brings up about the MT 760: the FEES, and the RISKS…

When blocked in someone’s favor, the swift MT 760 collateralizes assets in the form of a swift guarantee, and by doing so, allows the beneficiary to draw credit against it. This means, if the loan to the “trader” was defaulted on, the bank would seize the collateral and you would be out of your money! Though this scenario is possible, I would consider it rare for two reasons… In today’s world, no bank will loan Millions of dollars to someone they haven’t vetted, no matter what collateral is on hand. Second, the MT 760 is quite rare, and this usually draws attention to the beneficiary of the swift.

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